Painting and repair of the Stucile Farms Water 
Tower has been accomplished with financial 
assistance from The 1772 Foundation in cooperation 
with and administrated by the New Jersey Historic Trust .

The Museum is sponsoring The Historic Restoration of the Stucile Farms Water Tower located behind the Museum building and adjacent to the Township Human Services building.

We continues to work on getting both Museum members and community people together to help restore the Stucile Farms Water Tower

Also many thanks to the many Museum volunteers who have volunteered to help to remove leaves, brush, to cut up the trees and remove debris from the Tower site, Repair and replace siding on the structure and clean the inside of the Tower.

We are extremely fortunate to have a number of volunteers from the Ocean Township construction community.  These men have volunteered to restore the Tower.   Anyone with construction skills who is interested in helping with the Water Tower Project should call 732-531-2136 or click on the link below.

Individuals who may wish to donate funds or construction materials may call the above number or send your donation to the Museum at P.O. Box 516, Oakhurst, NJ 07755 or click on the link below.

Any mailed in donations, please mark donations for the Water Tower.